All the Right Words: the complete package of ‘What to Say and How to Say It’ (real estate cold calling scripts)

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These real estate cold calling scripts are PACKED WITH VALUE. In its all-in-one package you’ll receive:

  • 286+ complete, real estate scripts and dialogues to use as training material
  • 6 CDs (5+ hours of real estate audio material). Listen at the gym or in the car!
  • 5 Booklets (400+ pages of transcripts and added notes. Sales scripts PDF download or physical book available – make selection below).
  • A 20 minute CD explaining how to use this product (watch this and you WILL NOT FAIL).



These real estate sales scripts were made from REAL LIFE scenarios, by a top-producing salesperson who’s coached thousands of hours. He’s also ‘seen it all.’

Author and creator Bruce Keith has made close to 40,000 coaching calls in the last 17 years. Who does he coach? Real estate agents who want to grow their business and feel ‘stuck’ on how to do it. And now, his real estate cold calling scripts are available for anyone to utilize.

Time and again, Bruce has been able to lift salespeople out of their revenue ‘rut’ to grow their income by several tens of thousands of dollars. This is no joke. It’s not an exaggeration. Testimonials from REAL clients will prove it to you.

Prior to that, Bruce sold real estate for 10 years. He sold over 1000 homes. That’s averaging at least 100 homes a year! And he started from nothing…except he knew one thing from his days as a sales manager for IBM: how to communicate using sales language that WORKS.

And so, this real estate sales training product was born. It provides sales scripts for real estate agents to use in their real-life interactions with prospective home buyers and sellers.

Bruce has heard every sales objection in real estate you can imagine. And he’s got multiple answers for all of them, to close the sale and get the signature.

That’s over 30 years of valuable knowledge you can acquire in just over 5 hours of recordings!

Knowing what to say, and how to say it, will save you from sounding unknowlegable in your sales process. You will exude confidence, and your clients will trust you to produce results for them. They will tell their friends about you.

So, how does Bruce make his coachable real estate agents successful? It’s quite simple.

While other steps are involved when becoming successful in real estate, the KEY TAKEAWAY is that you need the language of sales.

You’ll never be in a real estate sales situation without an answer again!

This complete package of real estate cold calling scripts includes sales responses for every possible situation you’ll face in real estate. They can also be used as commercial real estate scripts, and not just for residential home sales.

The series of 5 Booklets and CDs includes:

23 real estate prospecting scripts

Booklet 1 / CD 1: “Prospecting” – Use these ‘on the money’ scripts, dialogues and conversations to generate more leads in various circumstances.

Buy this segment alone as a download for just $39! (Make selection above)

28 real estate buyer scripts

Booklet 2 / CD 2 – “Buyers” – Have buyer conversations that will help your clients move through the sales cycle to find their dream home. (Also includes scripts for signing a buyer’s agency agreement).

Buy this segment alone as a download for just $39! (Make selection above)

22 real estate seller scripts

Booklet 3 / CD 3 – “Sellers” – Keep these ‘must-have’ scripts to use with your sellers. From prequalifying, to making a powerful listing presentation, to demonstrating that ‘I am different’ and finally, taking the signature. Help sellers sell their homes for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle.

Buy this segment alone as a download for just $39! (Make selection above)

109 real estate objections scripts

Booklet 4 / CD 4 – “Objection Handling” – Employ these ‘street-tested’ objection handlers to cover every possible sales stalling tactic you’ll encounter. From commission cutting, to “we already have an agent,” to “we want more money” to FSBOs and Expireds. Nothing is overlooked; it’s all in these essential real estate scripts!

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106 real estate closing scripts

Booklet 5 / CD 5 – “Closing” – Learn proven closes that cover every situation in the real estate sales cycle… buyers, sellers, short closes, long closes. These are natural-sounding closes that allow you to control the conversational to set the appointment or get the signature. Help your clients make a decision and move forward!

Buy this segment alone as a download for just $39! (Make selection above)

“But I would never talk like that” – We know! That’s why this product is for you!

You’re still going to sound like you…just better!

In this comprehensive package, you won’t just get one over-simplified, generic answer for handling each real estate sales situation.

Bruce is smarter than that.

He knows you’re going to encounter different types of home buyers and sellers. And he knows you’ve got to ‘flow’ with the situation you’re in.

Salespeople should never sound robotic! That will make you sound ingenuine, and people see right through that.

For those reasons, every role-playing script in this training product comes with 4-5 answers, PLUS tips on HOW to respond, with notes to prepare you for the different responses you’ll get from different clients.

Use our no-memorization method for learning these real estate sales scripts

That’s right, we said “no memorization.” Remember, above we said you won’t sound like a robot using these scripts. And we meant it!

Our method uses a special technique for remembering the sales language you learn through this real estate training product.

It’s called the ‘Core Technique’ and Bruce uses it all the time in his own business. He sees sales skyrocket when he teaches it to his coaching clients.

All you need to remember is the main message – the core. Once you internalize that, you’ll have it down in no time! And the ‘core’ can be what settles with you the most; the more it ‘feels’ like YOU, the more it WILL be you.

Once you’ve got the ‘core’ message – the story, the objection handler, the example etc. – you build your own words around it. You don’t need to sound like Bruce does in the CDs. You just need to sound like YOU.

Part of this real estate training product is teaching you how to sound natural in your sales language. The point is NOT to use canned responses when handling your clients.

Interested in learning more about our no-memorization sales scripts? Buy today! You won’t be disappointed!

Stop ‘winging it’ in real estate sales. Get serious about growing your business, and do what the pros do

We get it: you probably hate taking the time to learn real estate cold calling scripts. Or you think you already know what to say. Or you’re worried you’ll sound unnatural when learning scripts.

These are all very valid concerns, by the way.

However, ask yourself this:

Does your income INCREASE year to year? Are you growing, or are you simply doing what you’ve always done, and reaping what you’ve always sowed?

If you’re finding yourself at a stalemate where sales are concerned, there’s likely something wrong. And it may be time to find out what it is.

Truth be told, the most seasoned salespeople use role-playing with scripts to master their craft.

Handling sales objections and learning how to close sales in real estate is essential. Without it, there’s no lifeblood to your business.

Every smart real estate agent will seek coaching or training on an ongoing basis. And every smart salesperson – regardless of industry – will practice role playing with scripts. It’s how the pros do it. We did it in real estate, we did it at IBM, and we do it for other industries. It simply works.

Don’t wait – your prospects are waiting for you to give them the right answers to their home buying and selling needs. Start learning these scripts today!

Every salesperson in the real estate industry succeeds or fails based on their ability to communicate. It’s like oxygen.

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CD lengths

CD 1: "Prospecting" – 23 conversations, 37 minutes, CD 2: "Buyers" – 28 conversations, 39 minutes, CD 3: "Sellers" – 22 conversations, 40 minutes, CD 4: "Objection Handling" – (Part 1) 48 conversations, 1 hour, 20 minutes + (Part 2) 61 conversations, 1 hour, 20 minutes, CD 5: "Closing" – 126 closing responses, 33 minutes

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