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Continuously build your skills with group real estate coaching calls. We combine the best of sales training with interactive learning. Join our Real Estate Insider’s Club!

Looking to get a taste of real estate coaching, without the heavy commitment? Hoping to join other real estate agents to glean insight from their questions? Need something more interactive than audio training, but with the option to learn at your own pace? Want your real estate team to participate in ongoing coaching, but don’t have the time to teach on your own?

Our Real Estate Insider’s Club is the answer for all of the above, and more. In these bi-weekly, membership-based group calls, you get regular, structured real estate training to keep you ‘on your toes’ when it comes to:

  • Learning how to make more sales, the way the high performers do it.
  • Prospecting and generating leads, including the latest standards for doing so.
  • Putting on an effective listing presentation, handling sales objections, closing sales with a signature, and more.
  • Role playing with select sales scripts from our popular, “All The Right Words” real estate training product.
  • ‘Farming’ your real estate sales deals through geographic mailings, follow-ups and other ‘secret sauce’ details we only share with members!
  • Keeping marketing costs low, and profits high.
  • Knowing the latest happenings in the real estate market.
  • Formulating and sticking to a business plan.

Plus more!

And, don’t forget, since these sessions are LIVE, you get two opportunities a week to ask seasoned pros your tough questions, or listen in on peer feedback.

In short, this is the perfect subscription-based, group real estate coaching service to continuously hone your sales and business skills.

Calls are held Monday and Thursday 11:30am EST, and last one hour each.

That’s 6 hours a month, and 88 training sessions a year. Imagine what you could accomplish with all that gradual, continual learning and growth!

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Never miss out on the real estate training you paid for: all calls are recorded and available to members afterwards, so you can learn at your own pace

We understand that sometimes, you can’t make it to every live call. And even when you can make it, you may want to review material that was taught. That way, you can really ‘get it’ when applying the tips to your business.

For those reasons, we record all our group real estate coaching calls. As a member of the Real Estate Insider’s Club, you can log in at any time to listen to past calls you’ve missed.  The strategies will be fresh in your memory, and applicable when you need them.

Get more than the basics; these group real estate coaching calls teach advanced strategies for sales success, while not being too difficult for beginners

Many other seminars in the real estate training industry are foundational in nature. When it comes to growing a real estate business, you can only hear the ‘basics’ so many times before the content feels recycled and boring.

We chose to go the route of giving our group call-ins some of the bigger ‘gold nuggets’ of real estate agent training.

However, this tele-seminar series is not so advanced that a real estate beginner would find them overwhelming. Whether you’ve been at this for two years, or 25 years, you can jump in at any time, and still get great insights, then continue growing from there.

Our seminar teaching material is not recycled or cyclical. It is always leading edge, and written ‘fresh’ every week too.

This means there is no ‘start’ and ‘finish’ to a series. You simply join in as soon as you can, and reap more of the benefits of learning. The earlier you sign up, the more you get! The longer you wait, the more you miss out on!

Benefit from even more added perks to joining the Real Estate Insider’s Club!

In addition to the no-fluff, jam-packed, bi-weekly group call real estate training, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the following benefits, which all members receive:

  • A workbook we give to all our coaching clients, helping them stay on track and apply the methods they’re being taught during coaching. It includes the “running your business like a business” forms and some scripts and dialogues.
  • Twice-weekly e-newsletter series with additional helpful tips geared towards real estate agents. We title these, ‘Motivational Monday’ and ‘Wednesday Wisdom.’

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You’re sure to learn something new!

Worried you’ll want to cancel? No problem. You’re free to go at any time, with no obligations or contracts!

Looking for more info on the type of skills you’ll learn in these exclusive calls?

Below are sample topics from our past group real estate coaching teleseminars:

  • Geographic farming techniques to create automatic results
  • People farming so that every 10 names results in one more transaction
  • Making a business plan – and actually filling it out
  • 10 time-management skills real estate agents should implement immediately
  • Interview with a super star (we’ve had, and continue to have, many LIVE interviews with high performing agents who have tips and stories to share)
  • What is a listing GPS, and how can you use it to make more sales?
  • Selling your value – being able to say, “I am different”
  • The 7 must-have selling skills and how to develop them
  • 11 practical solutions to keeping more of the money you earn
  • Hiring an assistant, and why you should as a real estate agent
  • The 4 secrets to NO MORE commission cutting
  • Building a powerful routine – the backbone of your business
  • Staying strong and bouncing back fast
  • Eliminating roadblocks
  • Making a powerful listing presentation

And more!

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