Building Mental Toughness: The 90% Factor – a self-coaching real estate sales product in MP3 format

This a pre-recorded audio product catering specifically to real estate agents and the challenges they face. It was once given via tele-seminar to a live audience. We noticed several real estate salespeople needed a product like this, so we decided to expand its reach.

You can now own the 4-hour, 4-part MP3 downloadable recording to listen to, for self-coaching in real estate.


Your internal, real estate sales adversities are not unique; knowing how to overcome them quickly is what separates the best from the ‘rest’

In our years of real estate sales experience, and thousands of hours of real estate coaching, we’ve noticed the need for mental toughness is an ongoing challenge in any sales business.

The constant rejection, disappointment and adversity that comes with the job takes its toll on even the most experienced salespeople. ‘Bouncing back’ quickly to a positive mindset, and your can-do attitude, is the number one requirement needed if you are going to be successful in real estate sales.

Use this self-coaching real estate product to build emotional and mental strength, and thus achieve your sales goals faster

Real estate sales is a lonely business. When earning an income depends all on you – and not a job you clock into to fulfill hours – you need stability and emotional and mental strength to do it.

It’s easy to get sidetracked in real estate. You not only need to motivate yourself to get work done everyday (the difficulty of which is amplified with distractions in a home-office environment). You also have to keep pressing on when things get tough.

  • If you think you are no good, or too shy to make a great sales presentation, that will show in your work.
  • If sales are low, or you didn’t win a client, you can’t give up.
  • If a client is mad at you, you can’t let that ruin the productivity of your day, or steal your time by being sad about it.
  • If a competitor stole a client from you, or your car broke down, or anything else ‘bad’ happened to you, you have to keep going.

On the other hand, when things are going good, you can’t let that keep you from working hard. You can’t fall into complacency, or you’ll stagnate.

So being a successful real estate agent means you need to have mental toughness, to deal with all of the above.

A self-coaching real estate product that you can listen to over and over, especially when the tough times hit, is a useful tool to keep you going. The top performers in real estate know this skill, and you can too.

Achieve results, feel better and create consistency in your business with these 4 seminars on building mental toughness

Below is an outline of the knowledge you’ll acquire with these pre-recorded MP3 audio downloads. Remember, they’re designed specifically for real estate agents, which means they speak directly to your needs in the business.

Session #1, 60 minutes – Mindset

How to:

  • Develop a rock solid mindset
  • “Talk to yourself” the right way
  • Break through your glass ceiling

Session #2, 60 minutes – Self discipline & getting it done

How to:

  • Understand the 4 steps of getting things done
  • Eliminating the need for self-discipline
  • Using your strengths to succeed

Session #3 – Dealing with stress & burnout

How to:

  • Understand the need for balance
  • A plan for preventing burnout
  • Utilizing “recovery time” to succeed

Session #4, 60 minutes – Consistency, self-confidence & the power of habit

Useful topics on:

  • Mental toughness – putting it all together
  • How habits become a routine
  • Creating uninterrupted consistency

Through these 4 sessions, which you can listen to at your own pace while at the gym, in the car, or before a sales appointment – you’re sure to learn something you can apply to your real estate business today.

Learn the detail involved in overcoming sales rejections, having another agent undercut your commission, or other obstacles real estate agents face all the time – whether they’ve been doing this 2 years, or 25 years.

Remember, every salesperson in real estate needs a tough mindset

This self-coaching real estate product isn’t just for the down and out, under-motivated or depressed! The best real estate agents are constantly working on overcoming the mental and emotional challenges the industry presents them with daily. One way or another, success in this business requires you to learn these healthy mindset habits.

Buy this product today, and you’ll reap its rewards sooner than by trial and error alone!

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