Work like a boss: become the most efficient, max-producing team leader you never thought you could be. I’ll show you how with custom real estate team coaching.

Your real estate team will be happy, you will be happy, and your business will be happy!

Multiply your revenue 5 fold. Boost your brand recognition. Enjoy a smooth-running business. It can all happen with real estate team coaching!

Note: you may also want to read this page to learn more about what makes my real estate coaching different.

If you’re working as a team leader in real estate, and aren’t feeling like it’s a ‘piece of cake,’ something’s wrong.

Real estate teams are supposed to be more efficient than working alone. They should free up your time. They should make team members happy. They’re not supposed to drag you down, or have you putting out so-called ‘fires’ as your day job.

However, as a real estate team coach, I’ve come across many teams that seem to be in a ‘rut.’ They can’t move forward, or they don’t know how to move forward. They aren’t sure what decisions to make because, let’s face it, it’s complicated. And, when you’re on the inside of the ‘bubble,’ it’s hard to see things objectively.

As an experienced real estate team coach, I can do all of the following, and more, for your multi real estate agent business:

  • Multiply your lead follow-through and thus, your sales.
  • Increase your brand recognition, resulting in more lead inquiries.
  • Start your real estate ‘farming’ strategies with customized techniques applicable to your team.
  • Give you more time off, or extra time to make more sales.
  • Set up your real estate business to run like a ‘well-oiled machine,’ wasting less time and money.
  • Grow the skills of your team members, putting weaker sales agents on equal footing with the stronger ones.
  • Incentivize your team to make more sales under your banner, because it benefits them.
  • Keep you and your team accountable to each one’s earnings.
  • Define duties and roles for each team member.
  • Clean up your financial structure by determining fair (and profitable) commission splits, budgets for new hires, marketing spend, etc.
  • Help your team manage its time, collectively, through scheduled group meetings and individual calendars.
  • Create a consistent customer experience with all your team members, maintaining your ‘good name’ in the marketplace.
  • Lower the turnover rate of your real estate team members, making them want to stay.
  • Replace team members quickly and with lower transition costs (be it time or money).
  • Attract new team members who’ll want to work with you.

Plus, we teach you, the team lead, to be a better role model, and excellent business person.

My team skills coaching applies to top producers within brokerages, husband and wife teams, family teams or any other type of real estate team dynamic. I’ve seen it all, and I can help.

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Improve your real estate team dynamics and create synergy within the group. The result? More sales, and motivated agents!

When humans work together, friction is inevitable. As a real estate team coach, I’ve seen time and again the difficulties teams face when it comes to personality conflicts.

Husband and wife teams, family teams or even teams composed of non-relatives – they all come with their own dynamics. Sometimes they’re healthy, often times they’re not. But whether good or bad, they affect morale, which then affects sales.

I’ve also seen how the team leader can be viewed as ‘the boss,’ whom team members don’t want to listen to. Or how family members can’t decide on who does what in the business, creating redundancy and wasting time.

I’ll be frank here. This is a lot like teenagers who don’t want to listen to their parents. But when another role model comes in, and says the same thing, suddenly the teen thinks it’s brilliant advice. For some reason, hearing criticism, advice, or instruction from an impartial ‘expert’ makes it easier to ‘swallow.’

We all have that ‘teenager’ within us. It’s hard for real estate teams to work together. But when they do, great things can be accomplished. Just like in sports coaching, a real estate team coach can help you score more ‘points,’ win more ‘games,’ and get more ‘trophies.’

How? By making sure the team operates like one.

If you want to grow your business as a team leader, and not just a sole top producer in real estate, you need a coach.

A coach can do more than help with sales and business management. They help you form synergy within your real estate team.

My team coaching allows you to offload the difficult ‘boss’ talks, and take the ‘personal’ out of it. Other times, a real estate team coach can be the ‘moderator’ between parties, solving conflict fast. That way, you can all move on to what matters: making more home sales!

Solve your exact business problems with customized team real estate coaching. Because ‘cookie-cutter’ methods don’t work as well as ‘personal recipes’ do!

Like in all my one-on-one coaching services, I never use a ‘templated’ approach. And more so with teams, this point becomes especially relevant.

Teams are made up of people, and people are individuals. They are complicated enough. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work when coaching real estate pods.

With that in mind, we now want to get a group to act cohesively. That takes foresight, skill and experience that a pre-made manual can’t help with. But my 28 years of experience doing this can.

Your fears, goals, stresses and strengths as a team are unique. The area you operate in, the home buyers and sellers who are your demographic and your existing business practices are all going to determine the coaching ‘blueprint’ I make just for you.

Because of those differences, what worked for one team may not work for another. And so, I prefer a customized approach to real estate team coaching. I’m sure you’ll notice better results this way.

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Take action with a team real estate coach; set the course for tangible success (without a contract!)

Doing nothing won’t help. Staying the same will keep you where you are. The best thing you can do is to start. Even if that means a phone call to find out if I can help you.

When you hire me as your team real estate coach, you get the following services to keep you action-orientated towards revenue growth:

  • A real estate team business plan with a tailor-made success formula.
  • Advice for keeping an organized team that is always prospecting and selling (see above).
  • Daily performance tracking and regular check-ins to make sure you’re doing your homework.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute coaching calls with slightly more intensity than usual (because you’re going to need it!). We can do one-on-one with you alone, or group calls together or separately with your team.
  • BONUS: team access to even more weekly teleseminars through our membership-based, “Real Estate Insider’s Club.”
  • Regular real estate sales tips and learning material sent via e-mail.

We can offer specialized training for individual team members if they choose to hire us for their own one-on-one coaching plan. We can make sure their coaching program relates to what your team is doing.

And, there’s no risk to you. My real estate team coaching programs don’t come with long-term contracts. We simply require 30 days advance notice of cancellation. I believe that if you like what you see, you’ll stay because you want to. That’s fair, right?

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Learn from my experience! I’ve worked in a team as a real estate agent, and I’ve coached many more

Yes, I know where you’re coming from. I’ve been there, and I successfully overcame the hurdles of working in a real estate team.

My wife and I were a husband and wife team in real estate for 10 years. Due to our ability to prioritize and divide our business roles, we were able to become top producers in our broker office. We sold over 1,000 homes in that period!

After our huge success in real estate, we started a real estate coaching business. We have been going strong 18 years – as a team!

We’ve also managed real estate team coaching for multiple clients. We’ve seen a 5x return on investment for teams who sign up for our customized coaching programs.

I’ve also hired assistants and other talented people to work in my business.

My lessons are not based on text-book theory. I give you ‘street smarts’ and advice you can actually use – because it worked for me!

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Start your real estate success with one simple step: getting in touch!

Still have questions? No problem! I’m here to answer them. I’m available via phone or e-mail to help you decide on a coaching program that would work for your real estate team.

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