My coaching comes with NO CONTRACT.*

My program sells itself; if you see success, you’ll want to stay. If you don’t, you’ll leave. That’s fair, right?

Achieve the sales figures you’ve dreamt of with personalized real estate coaching that focuses on using the strengths you already have

You may think the reason you are not achieving more real estate sales is because of a weakness you need to work on.

I’m here to tell you, that is not necessarily the case. I’ve worked with the shy, the unsure, the disorganized, the ineloquent, the English-as-a-second-language real estate agents. I’ve also worked with the naturally talented, yes.

But the thing that gets real estate agents to the successes they dreamed of is not any of the above personality traits. It’s something else:

Motivation. Dedication. And strong will.

You may not realize this, but you probably have talents you’re not aware of. What you think is a weakness is probably not one. As a real estate coach, I’m here to help you focus on that.

Don’t like cold calling? No problem. I’m listening. We’ll use another method to help you prospect leads.

When we work together, we find out your strengths. We don’t need to spend time on the ‘poor you’ conversations. No.

Integrity doesn’t need to be ‘loud’ or ‘quiet,’ so neither do you. This is what works in sales: being relatable and genuine. Be anything else, and home buyers and sellers will see right through that. Sales is all about relationship building – not pushing.

The rest is business practice and consistency. And yes, I help with that too.

Toss away the cookie-cutter manual. Personalized sales coaching is what I believe works best. Here’s why.

Honestly, could I help the myriads of personalities I deal with if I were working out of a copy-paste manual? Not a chance.

For this reason, personalized real estate coaching is what I offer. There’s no pre-existing mould. I realized, if I’m going to really help people, I’m going to have to get to know them. I need to know their fears, motivators, hopes, dreams and goals. I need to know what they’ve done and where they want to go. If I don’t know them as individuals, I can’t be the best real estate sales coach that I can be.

So that folks, is why I started my own, unique business model in the industry: personalized coaching that ‘fits’ with YOU and your own abilities.

In this model, you also stick with the same coach for your entire program. We operate a small, boutique-style business. That provides the stability you need to continue your growth.

Choose to work with me directly, and you’ll be sure you’re working with the craftsman himself. Work with any of my alternate coaches, and you can be sure they’ve been trained by me first.

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But wait Bruce, there has to be more to your real estate coaching than that, right?

Yes, there is! Being a successful real estate sales agent also means being an effective businessperson. You may think you’re just in sales, but you’re not. You’re a business owner. And like any other business, you need skills to stay above water, let alone skyrocket your career to the top.

Start with sales training to get your footing in the door of real estate

Sales are your only source of revenue in this business. So mastering the art of being a good salesperson is essential when it comes to training in real estate.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in my sales coaching program:

  • How to prospect sales leads.
  • How to follow through with sales leads.
  • How to overcome objections to sales.
  • How to close sales.
  • How to attract referrals for a sales ‘pipeline.’
  • How to build relationships to get those referrals.
  • How to make sales. This involves knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it. I have an entire information product on this topic, and it never gets old. Script training and practice is what helps all sales people, in all industries.

And NO, you don’t need to do expensive, flashy marketing to make it in sales! And you don’t need to spend money on leads. I’ll show you how to do this with minimal monetary investments.

Go beyond the sales to understand how a real estate business is run

The problem is, if you are entering real estate, or even if you’ve been around for a while, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a knack for running a business or managing your own self. But these are essential skills needed in real estate sales because they affect how many sales you make. When you choose a real estate career, it’s not all about the houses and contracts you prepare for home buyers and home sellers.

And so, in my real estate coaching program you’ll also learn:

  • Financial analysis – understanding what numbers mean, and how to grow your revenue.
  • How to stay focused, organized and accountable to yourself.
  • How to hire assistants to expand your business.
  • How to be a good team leader.
  • How to manage your time, and money, effectively.
  • How to set up effective business operation systems.
  • How to further market yourself.
  • How to ensure your lifestyle matches that of a dedicated business owner.

All of the above will be summarized in a personalized business plan formulated and documented by your coach.

Plus, we can’t forget: you’ll also learn one other important thing that ties this all together: owning mindset and confidence level that exhibits strong mental toughness. Remember, if you’re committed, the sky’s the limit to what you can earn as a real estate agent.

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Skip the fluff and get the hands-on training you can apply immediately. My real estate coaching program is less theory and more ‘doing’

My service is special when compared to other real estate coaching programs. This is because it’s a hands-on approach, and extremely practical.

Instead of talking only about theory, or giving you marketing principles, my approach is to help you, for instance, outline what to say, and how to say it at your next client meeting. Or, your ‘homework’ will be to call me at 6 a.m. to keep your commitment to working early (if that’s your personal goal). Follow-up and dependability are also what set my coaching apart.

This is how I keep you accountable as your sales and business coach:

  • We have 30 minute telephone sessions at regular intervals (frequency depends on your plan). We discuss your goals and how we’re going to help you achieve them.
  • In between calls you can call or e-mail, and I’ll be sure to ask if you’ve been doing your ‘homework’!
  • We keep a coaching workbook for note taking, complete with business management forms that you’ll implement and maintain.
  • You’ll fill out an online, daily performance ‘Numbers Tracker’ that I set up for you. And yes, I’ll be watching it!
  • I’ll send you regular communication material with more sales tips and information on running a real estate business.
  • Bonus: you join other coaching participants in weekly teleseminars called the “Real Estate Insider’s Club.”

I maintain a ‘no excuses’ accountability system with all my coaching clients. You won’t fall through the cracks!

Remember, I require no contracts from you. My success is your success. So, I do everything I can to ensure you’re meeting your real estate sales goals. When you see results, you’ll want to stay, and that makes me happy.

Pick my brain as much as you want. I’ve been through everything you’re going through, and I’m ready to teach you what took me years to learn

Did I tell you that when I started my real estate business, I had nothing going for me? No prospects. Just a great career as a sales and marketing manager for IBM. And a commitment to make my business work, of course.

I had to learn a lot. And I did it fast. In my first year I earned $200K. Eventually, I sold over 1,000 homes in 10 years.

Experience can tell you what works in real estate sales, and if you’ve not made those mistakes, or had those highs and lows, you can miss out on lot of learning that could take years to mature.

I’ve been there, and I can show you what I learned in just a few hours, even though it took me years to learn it.

In the last 17 years, I’ve also coached well over 40,000 hours. I can not only tell you how I did it, I can give you personal stories from my coaching clients, so you know what worked for them, and what didn’t, if you’re facing the same issues. (Confidentiality is never breached though, don’t worry).

You don’t have to do this on your own. And you don’t have to learn by mistakes alone. If someone had the answers to all your challenges right now, would you not want to know that information sooner than later? Save yourself the frustration and years of learning by hiring a real estate coach.

Begin the path to your dream lifestyle today

I believe that no matter who you are, or what you’re like, you can be successful in sales. It can lead to a more independent lifestyle, and can help you accomplish goals you never thought you could accomplish.

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*Cancellation policy: after completing the initial 90 day period in your program, any subsequent cancellation requires a minimum 30 days notice.