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“I have been coached by Bruce for some 7 years now and he continually surprises me in his ability to read into a situation or area of concern and then challenge me to overcome them by offering positive insights and solutions to help move me forward. His intuitiveness and discernment are second to none. My team will close in excess of 150+ transactions this year.”

Steve Peroff – http://www.realestatekeswick.com/

“Bruce’s business insights and ongoing Coaching have helped me to get more balance in life. Learning strategies to work smarter and more efficiently has allowed me to schedule down time, which I never seemed able to do before. He has also guided me through the process of how to maximize efficiency when I hired a Licensed Assistant. One of the smartest investments I have made!”

Kim Giesbrecht Team – http://kimgiesbrecht.com/

“As a result of working with Bruce, my business has increased in volume as well as in dollars earned. He has helped me successfully build my niche real estate market in Yorkville and mid Toronto including the suburban “boomer” downsizing market by coaching me on the importance of my sphere of influence, social networking, asking for referrals and having accountability, and more…”

Vivien Sharon –  http://www.viviensharon.com/

“Bruce has been coaching me and my team with great success since 2012. He has helped me implement the skills and systems necessary to take my business to the next level. Each year that we work together has been more exciting and profitable.”

Walter Burns – http://www.livingonthehudson.com/

“We have been in the business since 2012 and Bruce has been coaching us exactly one year. The change in our business has been dramatic! We have sold more houses and made more money than ever before. Bruce holds us tightly accountable every day but the real benefit is that he treats each of us very differently. He is a master at helping us be our best as individuals. The result is we have a powerful team and our income has jumped.”

Oleg & Elena Iakovlev – http://www.findnewhome.ca/

“I have known and worked with Bruce for several years. His common sense approach to running a successful real estate Sales business consistently helps me make more money and work more efficiently. He knows how to get the best out of me and it works. Last year was my highest sales year ever!”

Melanie Walderon – website

“Bruce helped has helped us in every aspect of our business. He specializes in “personalized” Coaching and focuses on our strengths – not just the numbers. Bruce has guided us in making our business profitable and as a result, enriching our lives. Our clients love the services we provide so everyone wins! Thank you so much BK:)”

Fisher Sisters – http://www.fishersisters.com/

“Bruce has been coaching myself and my team since 2010. His techniques along with ongoing accountability have helped me…”

Stay focused to keep my eyes on what is important to me and my team. It’s so easy to get off track and drift into old habits, every week Bruce and I discuss weekly goals I have set for the team and if we are on track.

Bruce has done a terrific job at getting me out of my comfort zone to help me build and grow my team based on where I believe God is leading us. Not only has he been instrumental in my success as a true business owner he himself is a person who continues growing personally and as a coach.”

Mark Adams – http://blog.markadamsteam.com/

“Bruce, Just wanted to let you know that the “Real Estate Insiders Club” is a great training package. Thanks for all the valuable information you share. The Group Sessions are always top notch content; practical and directly actionable insights that I apply daily to my business (and my life). My results have taken off this year.” “Also, the Thursday Role-play Calls are a terrific bonus. Coach Jim is an excellent facilitator and Role-play Coach; he always has great responses when a ‘client’ goes off-script. It’s a terrific group dynamic and the critiques are invaluable.”

Billy Parrott

“Bruce Keith’s knows how to focus on my strengths and the results have been outstanding in my business success and even more importantly my personal growth. Next!!! Thank you, Bruce!”

Debby Crane

“Because of “All the Right Words” I feel like a tennis pro, able to return back any balls that come to me.”

Thank you, Bruce! H.F. Vancouver, B.C.

“Bruce, I would like to say thank you! I’m so glad I signed up for your Coaching Program.
I must say that I’ve been in the real estate business for years and I’ve taken many different courses. Some very good and some not so much – but your system is so right on!

You have everything covered and you are right to the point of things. No fillers in your courses.”

“With your system you get results instantly. You are hands-on and very affordable. I would recommend this course to all realtors – including realtors new in the business.”

Kind regards.

Sharon Chisholm, Century 21 Toronto

“I have been in the business 12 years and 45 days ago I did exactly what Bruce suggested I do…rather than cold call I have started using Just Listed and Just Sold scripts that Bruce gave me. It worked like a charm and about two weeks later I got a condo listing that sold in less than a week. It turned out to be a $9,000 commission, all because I stopped cold calling and started giving some information to the homeowner up front! The Just Listed/Just Sold scripts are nice and short and the customers don’t seem to mind at all. I paid for Coaching for almost 2 years that way!”

Peter – Markham, ON

“I am a new agent and was completely lost last year…I didn’t know what to do from day to day but more importantly…I didn’t know hot to get leads. When one did come my way I didn’t know what to say to them. I was ready to quit! A friend of mine put me onto Bruce’s material and very quickly it all became clear. Just follow Bruce’s plan and use “All the Right Words”. I have done 7 deals already this year…SEVEN!!! The best part is it all seems so natural. I’m hooked!”

Linda – Newmarket, ON

“I had a particularly difficult listing appointment recently. By using the answers in Bruce’s All the Right Words…and saying it MY way…I got the listing, priced it right and sold it in 17 days. Where else are you going to a $10,000 commission by spending $250? Thanks BK.”

Dave – Keswick, ON

“ALL THE RIGHT WORDS is a game changer for real estate agents. I always struggled with my opening line on listing presentations and had lots of anxiety before I would go out. I now look forward to listing appointments. My confidence level has gone through the roof! Just the other day I got a condo listing on the strength of my improved presentation and it sold in 10 days. Another $8000! Thank you, Bruce!”


“I started with Bruce the same time I started in Real Estate. I earned just over $100,000 in 10 months in 2012! He held me accountable and he made sure we had a plan that focused on my strengths. What more can I say? Just do what Bruce says and follow his “NO Excuses” approach. I’m hooked!”

Brad – Century 21, Brantford, Ontario